15 May 2016

Class: 21 Days to Stock Market Investing - Dallas, Tx

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21 Days to Stock Market Investing

Learn to Invest in the Stock Market in just 21 Days!

Class starts in Dallas, Tx on Sunday June 5th 2016!

Click here to learn more and register!!

In just 21 days, the documented time it takes to develop or break a habit, you will be trading stocks!

Class meets Sunday evenings June 5th, 12th and 19th from 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM.

No prior stock market knowledge required!

Learn interactively with a live instructor! No solitary online reading for class lectures!

Want to jump into stock market investing with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the ever changing market conditions? This stock market class is for you!

This is an interactive classroom-style group session designed for those that want to develop and expand their knowledge about the financial markets and trading. In these current market conditions knowledge and awareness is key.

Join this class and get the knowledge you need to navigate today's market!

There will be a total of three 2 1/2 hour group meetings during this 21 day class.

Here’s what you will get…

- Classroom style stock market basics instruction with take-away materials. No tools or subscriptions to purchase!

- Christian Biblical principles on investing and money management.

- Trading and investing knowledge of stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.

- Individual Investment Risk Assessment – we profile your risk tolerance!

- Brokerage firm comparison tactics – select your brokerage with confidence!

- Practical application weekly homework. Put what you learn into action now!

- 60-day post-class coaching through virtual trading against the real stock market!

- 6-month access to Money reVerse exclusive stock market virtual community. Continue the learning and stay in contact with fellow class members after the 21 days!

Class Location:

LaMadeleine Country French Cafe

11930 Preston Road Suite 100

Dallas, Tx 75230

Class time: 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Class Days - Sunday June 5th, June 12th and June 19th

Instructor: Carolyn Williams

Get this valuable in-person training for only $239!

Class size is limited

Click here to learn more and register!!

Notice: There will be a Fall 2016 market value price increase for this class. Register now to lock-in the $239 price!

08 May 2016

Congratulations to our contest winner!

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Congratulations to Jacqueline Mitchell of Houston Texas as the winner of our Look at Your Money and Win contest. She correctly identified that the featured peaceful walkway scene is printed on the back of our US $10 bill.

Jacqueline's name was chosen by a random drawing of Money reVerse readers that correctly answered this question. She is now enjoying a hardcopy of the book “The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking through to the blessed life”. Again, congratulations and abundant blessings to Jacqueline and her family from Money reVerse!

Stay tuned to Money reVerse for more opportunities to win great stuff!

01 May 2016

Thursday May 5, 2016 is our National Day of Prayer!

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Our National Day of Prayer is Thursday May 5, 2016. This day of unity for Christians is held the first Thursday of May each year.

The theme for the 65th annual National Day of Prayer is Wake Up America, emphasizing the need for individuals, corporately and individually, to return to the God of our Fathers in reverence for His Holy Name.

This year’s scripture focus for the day is Isaiah 58:1

Cry aloud, spare not;
Lift up your voice like a trumpet;
Tell My people their transgression,
And the house of Jacob their sins.

The prayer that all participants will be reading and agreeing upon was written by Dr. Tony Evans, the 2016 Honorary Chairman. This prayer will be read throughout the nation at 11 AM Central time on Thursday May 5th. The effect of this unification will be a wave of prayer flowing from one coast to the other, illustrating the unity of God’s people and acknowledging His dominion over the circumstances facing the nation and the world.

A capture of the full prayer is as follows:*

Dear heavenly Father, we come to You today as a humble people desperate for Your supernatural intervention on behalf of our beloved nation. First, we thank You for all the blessings You have bestowed on our land, blessings that have allowed us to bring so much good and benefit to not only our own citizens but also to the rest of the world. The very ideals upon which this country was founded were based on biblical truths, no matter how some try to rewrite history to deny that very fact today.

This is why our hearts are so broken over how You continue to be marginalized and dismissed by both our people and our institutions. We are also saddened by the fact that Your people have contributed greatly to the spiritual apathy that now engulfs us. Our satisfaction in remaining religious without being fully committed to living out the truths of Your Word has caused us to become co-conspirators with the forces of evil that are destroying us as a society.

It is for this reason that we personally and collectively repent of our carnality and recommit ourselves to becoming visible and verbal disciples of Jesus Christ. Enable us, by Your Spirit, to no longer be secret agent Christians but rather to publicly declare and live out Your truth in a spirit of love so that You feel welcome in our country once again.

Thank You for Your promise to hear our prayers when we call to You with hearts of repentance and obedience, which is how we are appealing to You today, Father. On behalf of Your church, we affirm afresh the priority You are to us that You would fill every dimension of our lives as we seek to bring You glory through the advancement of Your kingdom in our personal lives, our family lives, and in the lives of our churches and our government leaders. We confidently invite heaven’s intervention into all the affairs of our nation and we praise You in advance for Your answer.

In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

by Dr. Tony Evans

For more information on our National Day of prayer including a link to the audio download of this prayer visit http://www.nationaldayofprayer.org

*Source: http://www.nationaldayofprayer.org/national-prayer

30 April 2016

Have you checked your Social Security Statement?

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As National Financial Literacy month, comes to a close I will wrap-up with a reminder to check your Social Security Statement.

Checking your Social Security Statement is something that is easy to overlook – especially if you are not approaching retirement age or qualifying for disability benefits. Actually it is most important to check your statement annually well before you reach either of these times of life. In checking your Social Security Statement you will accomplish the following:

1) Verify that your annual income is being recorded accurately.

Any Social Security benefits that you and your family are entitled to are determined by the annual earning that are submitted to the Social Security Administration. These earnings are submitted by your employer or by you if you’re self-employed. If there are errors in the submission for your annual wages and earnings, the dispute request will need to come from you. It is best to review and verify this information before you get to the point of requesting benefits of which you’re eligible. Once a year is how often I check mine and this is what I’d recommend.

2) See your estimated Social Security benefits.

This is for your awareness and retirement planning purposes. Based on the information that is being stored for you, estimates of your benefits at early retirement, full retirement and at age 70 are calculated. This is information about your financial future of which you should be aware – regardless of your current age!

To get your Social Security Statement you can request to get it sent to you by mail or you can create an online account at SSA.gov. To make a request to have the statement mailed to you, contact your local Social Security office. With the online account you can view, download and print your statement at any time. This is how I check my numbers yearly and this is much more flexible than going the paper route. In the past, it has taken weeks for me to receive my requested statement in the mail. Online is much faster and there are several security features built into the account registration to help to ensure your privacy.

If you haven’t check your Social Security Statement in the past 12 months do it now! Make this something that you do each year during April, National Financial Literacy month. December of each year is also a great target time for this annual statement review!

Be in the know about all of your financial matters!

21 April 2016

The new $5, $10 and $20 notes: Diversity embraced by our U.S. Treasury!

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Women on US paper money

U.S. Paper Money To Feature African Americans and Women

Details of the new designs for 3 of our U.S. currency bills were announced April 20, 2016 by Treasure Secretary Jack Lew. The strong message that was communicated to me from this announcement is that the new designs for the $5, $10 and $20 bills will now include prominent women and African Americans.

Never before have faces of African Americans been featured on U.S. paper currency. The signatures of four African American men and one African American woman appeared on U.S. paper money when these individuals served as Registers of the Treasure and as the Treasurer respectively.

First Lady Martha Washington is the only woman that has appeared on a U.S. currency note to date. Her portrait appeared on paper money in the 1800’s. She was featured on the front of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1886 and 1891 as well as being featured on the back of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1896.

The New $20

On the new $20 a portrait of Harriet Tubman will be featured on the front with President Andrew Jackson and the White House being featured on the back. Harriet Tubman, an anti-slavery activist and humanitarian will be the first African American to be honored by having a portrait on the front of any U.S. currency bill.

The New $10

The back of the new $10 will feature an image from the historic march for the Women’s Suffrage movement that began in the US in 1848. Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul are leaders from that movement that will be honored by gracing the back of the new $10. A portrait of Alexander Hamilton, U.S. Founding Father will remain on the front of this bill.

The New $5

The new $5 will be updated on the reverse side to honor democracy leaders and historic events that took place at the Lincoln Memorial that helped to shape our history. We will see portraits of world-renowned opera singer Marian Anderson, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr on the back of the new $5 bills as they each are remembered for historic events at this monument.

The Treasury announced in June 2015 that the new $10 note would feature a woman. Secretary Lew started a public campaign to gather nominations and ideas from the public for this historic change in our currency designs. The resulting redesign of multiple bills to feature women on each updated design is a result of this input.

This change won't happen right away. The distribution of the newly designed $5, $10 and $20 notes is scheduled for the year 2020 in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote.

Don’t worry about your current bills being worthless when these new ones appear. All U.S. notes that are put into circulation by the Federal Reserve will always be honored at face value.

A special Money reVerse thank you to U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and his team for taking the effort required to honor well deserving African Americans and women on our paper currency!

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so.

Proverbs 3:27 NKJV

10 April 2016

Look at your money and win!

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Recognize this peaceful walkway scene?

In addition to making a unique piece of artwork, this peaceful walkway scene is an up-close look at one of the bills in our United States currency collection

Can you identify which US Currency bill showcases this peaceful walkway?

Click here and submit your answer!

Provide the correct answer along with your email address and you will have a chance to win a hardback copy of the book The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life by Bruce Wilkinson.

Submit your answer by Wednesday April 20, 2016 to win! The winner will be selected from a random drawing of all participants that supplied the correct response. The drawing will be held on Friday April 22, 2016.

Do you see the cartoon ghost in one of the upper windows of the walkway scene?

Contest Rules:

07 April 2016

You Need Your Receipt!

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You need a receipt - Money reVerse

By being obedient to the Christian call to give to the building of God’s kingdom, to assist the poor and to help those that cannot help themselves, we cannot escape being givers. Being a giver satisfies that internal mandate to assist while also honoring biblical scripture.

The Internal Revenue Service honors us when we give to charity and religious organizations by giving us a dollar for dollar tax deduction for every gift that we give. To get this tax deduction for our gifts, we must be aware and compliant to the IRS written acknowledgement guidelines for charitable deductions.

According to IRS Publication 1771, as a donor we cannot claim a tax deduction for any single contribution of $250 or more without a written acknowledgement of the gift from the receiving organization given in the same time period. An annual statement from the church or organization given within the same tax time period satisfies this request.

Over the years I’ve had cases in which I’ve given a gift of $250 or more to a church that I’ve visited but I did not get a written acknowledgement of it.

As the tax payer, it is my responsibility to ensure that I have the the proper receipts before I include any deduction on my tax return. Non-profit organizations are responsible for issuing receipts and acknowledgement but there is no penalty assigned to an organization that does not provide required document to their donors. It is important that you personally track your giving and request any missing written acknowledgements before you file your tax return. Over the years I’ve found that many larger churches have this process automated where understandably, small churches do not. I’ve followed-up with smaller churches to request the required paperwork to claim the gift as a tax deduction. There’s never a problem in getting the receipts, it’s just an added step that I must take.

There are no IRS forms for churches and charities to use in providing donor written acknowledgements. A letter written by a leader in the organization on their letterhead is sufficient. It also is not necessary to have the donor’s social security number or tax ID number on the receipt. For more information on when your social security number is required and when it is not, read Protecting Your SSN.

When you get your receipt from the church or charity, in addition to being addressed to you, ensure that it includes the following 6 elements:

1. The name of the organization.
2. The amount of the cash contribution.
3. A description (but not the value) of a non-cash contribution.
4. A statement that no goods or services were provided by the organization in return for the contribution, if that was the case.
5. A description and good faith estimate of the value of goods or services, if any, that an organization provided in return for the contribution.
6. A statement that goods or services, if any, that an organization provided in return for the contribution consisted entirely of intangible religious benefits, if that was the case.

Charitable contributions are the only thing that gives us a dollar deduction against our tax bill for every dollar that we give. Don’t miss out on any charitable contribution deductions when you file your IRS tax return!

For additional information on charitable contributions substantiation and disclosure requirements see the IRS publication 1771.


02 April 2016

Protecting your Social Security Number - 3 things that you must know!

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SS Card

Your Social Security Number demands your protection!

I feel that one thing that we give away too freely is our Social Security Number. In the wrong hands, this is the single best way for our financial identify to be compromised. This key piece of personal information demands to be guarded carefully.

How do you best protect yourself against theft of your SSN? Only give your SSN to others when it is required!

Social Security Numbers (SSNs) were created in 1936 and originally intended to be used exclusively by the federal government for recording individual worker’s contributions to the the Social Security fund. Because it is a source for information about the earnings for all US workers, other governmental agencies and businesses also began using this as an authoritative source for identifying workers and retirees. That’s when many businesses and institutions began requesting your SSN as a part of their application and sign-up processes. From there, your SSN was and continues to be used for ID badges and online accounts across the U.S.

Next thing you know, SSNs for many of us were in the hands of colleges, doctor’s offices, utility companies and many other places. This created a rich “honey-pot’ for those wanting to commit fraud by stealing SSNs to assume the identity of another.

Why would someone want to steal your SSN? They would use it to become you in a digital world. With our SSN, someone could create a fake identity using your number. With that they could get a driver’s license or state ID card which opens the door for completely becoming a fully functioning U.S. Citizen in every way. In our digital world, this can happen very quickly from anywhere in the world without standing in any waiting lines.

A prudent man sees evil and hides himself, The naive proceed and pay the penalty.

Proverbs 27:12 NASB

Here's 3 key things that you must know to protect your Social Security Number.

1. You are legally required to provide your SSN to businesses and institutions in these specific cases ONLY:

a) You’re engaging in a transaction that requires notification to the IRS. This is true for anyone that pays you taxable wages or governmental benefits. This also includes banks, real estate purchases and financial transactions over $10k.
b) You’re engaging in a transaction that is subject to Customer Identification Program rules. This includes financial transactions in which the federal government requires a positive ID as a result of the USA Patriot Act.
c) The requestor is an insurance company.
d) The requestor is a credit card company.
e) The requestor is one of the three main consumer reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion).

2. Note that the following businesses and entities have been known to request but NOT require this sensitive information.

1) Social organizations
2) Doctors
3) Landlords
4) Colleges
5) Online membership sites
6) Churches or other charities

3. The Social Security Administration recommends that you ask the following questions when requested to give your SSN to a business or organization that is not required by law to possess this information.

1) Why is my SSN needed?
2) How will my SSN be used?
3) What happens if I offer an alternative number (like driver’s license) or refuse to give my SSN?
4) What law requires me to provide my SSN for this purpose?

If a company is required by law to request your SSN these questions are very familiar to them. The Privacy Act of 1974 requires that governmental agencies disclose to you the answers as they request your SSN. Private business may or may not comply to this act and unfortunately there’s no penalties for this.

If you’re not getting collaborative feedback from your questions, ask to speak to a manager and attempt to persuade them to use your driver’s license as an alternative to your SSN. With no compromise being offered, your choices are to either provide them with your SSN or take your business elsewhere. There is no law in preventing a business from requesting your SSN and there’s likewise no law that prevents them from denying to serve you if you refuse.

I’ve had luck in supplying my drivers license for businesses that needed to have a way to reference me by an additional external identifier in the past. I also did not win the battle for a new doctor that I was visiting and I was just too weak to fight it. It can go either way but definitely worth a try!

Protect your identity by knowing who requires your SSN before you give it out. It’s the prudent and wise thing to do!


31 March 2016

We are called to be Outstanding Financial Managers

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God created everything and owns everything.

We serve a God that has created everything, owns everything, knows everything, has predestined everything and wants to give us the desires of our hearts when we love him and the follow His instructions. Doesn’t it make sense that he would expect us to take care of the things He entrusts to us in an outstanding manner so that He gets the glory? Of course he does! This is the principle of stewardship. Let's focus on managing our finances.

When I speak of managing personal finances, I’m referring to an active process of specifically knowing your financial condition, setting financial goals and allocating time to make a plan, log your actuals, measure your progress and make lifestyle decisions that are designed to help you to meet your goals. I’m talking about knowing down to the penny how much income do you have, how much debt you have, what does it cost you to live on a monthly basis, how much savings you have, what is your rate of return on your investments and a few other key money metrics.

Here's a few of the many scriptures that encourage us to make plans and be diligent managers.

Be diligent to know the state of your flocks,
And attend to your herds; For riches are not forever, Nor does a crown endure to all generations

Proverbs 27:23-24 NKJV

Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.

1 Corinthians 4:2 NKJV

The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, But those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty.

Proverbs 21:5 NKJV

31 March 2016

Mt. Rose Church: It was a blast!

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I was blessed to be invited to be among an impressive list of guest speakers, teachers and performers as a part of the Mt. Rose Church Married and Engaged Couples Conference in Dallas Texas. This conference was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Market Center hotel on Stemmons Freeway.

For the attending couples I taught about our Money Personae. This teaching detailed 9 different groupings of our money thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that we may exhibit and compared these money behaviors with the word of God. Our goal is to manage the money entrusted to us in a manner that is aligned with God's word so that we can get the financial prosperity that is promised to us. This is always a fun topic to dive into and the Mt. Rose couples made it extra fun. Great engagement and a rich Q & A session at the end!

Again, I was blessed to be invited to join a group that is so committed to enhancing their marriages and living according to God's word.

Mt. Rose Church is under the leadership of Bishop Jeffrey D. Thomas Sr. The marriage ministry is lead by Ministers Greg and Essie Dorrough. The church is located at 7151 Field View Lane in Dallas Texas.


31 March 2016

Message Church: It was a pleasure to serve you!

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Message Church

I was so honored to be a guest speaker for a financial class at Message Church in Bedford, Texas. The class is "How to create a healthy financial life" and it consists of members of Message Church that have committed themselves to being doers of the word and improving their finances. I enjoyed every minute of sharing with the group and I continue to pray that every attendee continues to be blessed and empowered by something that I said as it was blended with the Holy Spirit working within every heart.

Our topic for the evening was Financial Credibility. Because the Lord wants us to be a city that sits on a hill that cannot be hidden, one way to do that in our financial life it to have a sterling reputation that cannot be disputed. The Lord has called us to be financially credible. I challenged the group by giving 'anyone the will' a five part assignment designed to empower every participant in getting, tracking and improving their credit scores in the next 90 days. Thanks to everyone that is taking on the challenge as an addition to the normal class assignments!

Message church in Bedford Texas is lead by Pastor Linda Silverman. The class "How to create a healthy financial life" is lead by a devoted member, servant leader and my college buddy, Brenda Toombs.


17 January 2016

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds, silver or gold.

Understanding the value of brotherhood and peace.
Celebrating the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


27 December 2015

What area of your personal finances concerns you the most?

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Let's be honest with ourselves...Concerns about money are real for most of us. Even though the bible instructs us to be anxious for nothing and to not worry about our lives, concerns about money tend to be at the top of the list of worries for individuals and couples no matter if you are young, old, rich or poor. We're human and money is crucial to our physical and social survival. As I prepare to serve you better through Money reVerse I'd like to hear your response to the following question:

Question: Which of the following areas of your personal finances concerns you the most?

1. Not enough savings.
2. Getting monthly bills paid.
3. Credit score.
4. Funding college education.
5. Lack of control of my personal finances.
6. Don't have a good understanding of personal finance concepts.
7. Other (specify in the private comments section)
8. None - I have no personal finance concerns.

Click here to select which of these personal finance items concerns you the most.

Provide your email address in the private comments section of the poll and you will be eligible to win a Fitbit flex!

Share your answer today! Poll ends January 15, 2016 11:59 PM.
Thanks for your feedback!


24 October 2015

Make Plans to Attend the Money reVerse Financial Workshop - Saturday November 7, 2015

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Hosted by First Unity Fellowship Church in Spring, Texas

Free Workshop! Register today!

Money reVerse Financial Workshop

Saturday November 7, 2015 9 AM - Noon

First Unity Fellowship Church

5110 Louetta Road

Spring, TX 77379

Bishop M. Bernard Boyd & Lady P, Pastors

We're in the home stretch for the year 2015... It's close but it's not over. If you have a goal to improve your finances in 2015 this workshop is for you!

By the end of this 3 hour workshop you will be educated and empowered to close out the year with strong and solid financial practices.

The following 4 tracks will be covered in this workshop

1. Setup A Spending Plan For Your Household.

All participants will receive the Money reVerse spending plan workbook. In this session we will demonstrate how to use this spending plan workbook to manage and track household income and spending. Take away from this session enablement to take control and effectively manage your personal finances!

2. Take The Savings Challenge!

Learn the biblical principles and practical ways to establish and maintain a savings plan for your household. Take the First Unity savings challenge and increase your savings by $1,378 in one year. Don’t have any savings now? This is your chance to get started - NOW!!

3. Get a World Financial Events Update.

As Christians, we prepare to influence the world by first understanding what’s going on in the world. In this session we will go through the details of a current financial event so that all will have a better understanding. Topic will be one that is in our current news…the Greece debt crisis, our US debt ceiling, US energy and oil prices. Financially, you will be more “in the know!”

4. Learn US Stock Market Concepts.

You don’t have to be wealthy to invest, but you must invest to be wealthy. Get a market introduction in this primer session. Walk away with a definition of the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500 and understand how they are trending now. Don’t know if you have an interest in the financial markets? Sit through this overview and see if your interest is peaked for more!

This is a no-cost workshop that is sponsored by First Unity Fellowship Church. Registration is required to attend. Sign up today and I will see you there! It's gonna be great!!


09 August 2015

Join Money reVerse at First Unity Fellowship Church on Sunday 8/16/2015!

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Understanding and embracing the financial seasons of our lives.

I am honored to join Bishop M. Bernard Boyd and Pastor Pamela Boyd (Lady P) at First Unity Fellowship Church in Spring Texas on Sunday August 16th 2015. I will serve as a guest speaker to the First Unity family and their guests as I share and teach about the financial seasons of our lives.

Financial Seasons Throughout the Christian Holy Bible there is evidence of seasons - a period of time that is characterized by a particular activity, event or weather pattern. In ministering about managing finances following the principles outlined Christian Biblical principles, this session introduces the concept of financial seasons. Attendees will walk away equipped to identify and understand their current financial season and employ financial practical application steps that harmonize with that current financial season.

This service is free and open to the public. Here’s the details.

Bishop M. Bernard Boyd and Pamela Boyd

Date / Time: Sunday August 16, 2015 / 8:30 AM

Pastors: Bishop M. Bernard Boyd and Pamela Boyd (Lady P)

Location: First Unity Fellowship Church

5110 Louetta Road

Spring, Tx 77379

(3rd Building on the right)

Click here to visit and like the First Unity Fellowship facebook page!!

I'm so excited about this opportunity! Join me there!

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