12 May 2017

10 Must-Know Retirement Savings Terms!

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10 must-know retirement savings terms

Do you have a retirement savings account? Got a 401k or a 403b plan? What about a 457b plan, a Roth or traditional IRA?

All of these plans are created specifically to enable us to set aside money for our retirement while enjoying beneficial tax strategies. If you don't have a retirement savings plan I'd like to invite you to get in the game. You can't beat the results that are possible when you purposely set aside tax deferred funds for a time in the future while investing those funds to increase your returns. More about this to come!

To invest your retirement funds effectively, you will need to understand a few things about the options available to you in your savings plan. To get you started, I've created the Money reVerse Resource Guide - 10 Must-Know Retirement Savings Terms.

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