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15 October 2016

6 Key Biblical Money To-Do's for Couples

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The Marriage Talk Show

We all sometimes need reminders to do things that are best for us. While appearing on the October 8, 2016 episode of The Marriage Talk Show, I shared with the listners 6 Key Biblical Money To-Do's for Couples.

It was fun to be in the studio with the show hosts Ralph and Shelia Green and hearing from listeners that called in with comments and questions.

Missed the show? Listen to the show archive here. Choose the 10/08/2016 episode.

A downloadable resource guide was available for listeners that requested it via a text message. You can also get the resource guide here!




10 October 2016

50 Small Businesses That You Can Start On Your Own

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Not ready to quit your day job? Try one of these side business ideas.

Here's an article that I found interesting and I know that you will also. It is published courtsey of The Simple Dollar.

Click the link below.


50 Small Businesses That You Can Start On Your Own

12 June 2016

3 Crucial Steps to Making Wise Financial Decisions

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Crucial Steps

Our every day life choices have a direct effect on our financial well being, financial security and our financial future. Since we all want to improve our financial outlook, let’s take a closer look at the decisions that we make everyday that could affect us in this area.

Making a decision is the act of selecting when faced with two or more possibilities. We do this automatically hundreds of times a day. Do I answer the phone or let it go to voicemail? Do I brush my teeth this morning? Which route do I take to drive to work today? We all are very good at this. Looking back over the last 24 hours, I’m sure that you can quickly count 20 decisions that you made without any difficulty. If you’ve put a “can’t make a decision” label on yourself, let this serve as an instruction to mentally rip that false label from your thoughts about yourself!

Many of our daily life decisions affect our personal finances in some way. This is easily understood for major financial decisions like deciding to purchase a home, have a baby or start a business. What we may not realize is the fact that we make a larger impact to our overall financial well being as a result of the smaller every-day decisions that we make. Some of these decisions include answers to questions like do I take my lunch to work? Do I buy that toy that my child is crying for today? Should I participate in my company sponsored retirement savings plan?

I've found often times that when we retrace the steps to how we've gotten to an unfavorable financial situation we find that at the point of when we could have made a wise decision, there was no decision to be made. There wasn't an alternative on the table that best aligned with what we say matters most in our lives and in the lives of those that we love. No short-term or long-term plan on the table to oppose the "right now" money-related opportunity. We know what happens then...we go with "Why not??". Opportunity seized!!

When the Lord began showing me visions of how He sees the financial condition of His people, he began a work in me that led me to begin making plans to achieve this vision. I saw visions of His people achieving wealth in a comfortable way that was recognized by believers and non-believers alike. I saw His people using mainstream practices in our everday lives to bring to light the truth that we are a city that sits on a hill that cannot be hidden in the financial arena. I believed it. I began living it with the financial choices that I made. I implemented 3 key financial practices in my life and as a result rarely have a struggle making financial decisions. I have alternatives before me when presented with "right now" money decisions. 95% of the time, I choose to stick to achieving the God-given vision and so far it has paid off! I'm not boasting on myself, but I am boasting in the Lord!

Here's the 3 crucial steps to empower you to make more wise financial decisions.

1. Set Your Financial Goals the presence of Him whom he believed—God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;
Romans 4:17 KJV

The Christian Holy Bible instructs us to call those things which do not exist as though they do exist. Identify those life accomplishments and life-style realities that are most important to you and your family. Be specific with what the accomplishment looks like and associated dollar value and timeline. For example, a sample goal is We will purchase a family home valued no more than 350k by August 2018. If it means a lot to you, put it on paper and start working toward it!

US Bills 50's

2. Establish Savings

The ants are a people not strong, Yet they prepare their food in the summer;
Proverbs 30:25 NKJV

While on the journey to meet your established goals, there will be detours and potholes that could slow you down or threaten to take you off-course. Establish a savings fund that will be used for those unexpected items. I have savings for emergencies (unexpected medical bills, travel for funerals...) and directed savings (home and car maintenance, family reunion trip planning). When you dip into these savings, start replenishing the fund as soon as you can so that you won’t get caught without knowing how to handle the next unexpected interruption.

3. Set and execute your every-day financial operating strategy

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:12 NKJV

Now that you have your goals set and are building your savings, it’s time to make a personal vow of how you will operate daily to reach the stated goals. This daily operational practice is the strategy - set of actions outlined that detail the “how” you intend to reach the established goals. This strategy could include practices of limiting spending on lunch during the work week, redirecting those funds to the emergency savings and accounts set aside for reaching the long term financial goals. This is where a spending plan and regular checks and balances to measure progress becomes a requirement.

The thing to remember here is to operate daily in a way that is in line with your long-term goals. Pray and get guidance from the Lord on your current financial season. If this is the season to sow into your long term goals then this may not also be the season for a new wardrobe or to enjoy an expensive family vacation. Seek the Lord for wisdom in this and live by your self-established financial boundaries and vows!

Making a decision is the act of selecting when faced with two or more possibilities. Establish the alternatives to consider when facing money choices and you'll make better financial decisions - guaranteed!


05 August 2015

It's my birthday month - Here's how you can get gifts!!

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Free birthday gifts for everybody!!

August is a month of great things - including my birthday!

I get free gifts for my birthday. Just by asking, you also can get these same gifts during your birthday month!!

In getting ready for my birthday month, I have a ritual that I perform. For years I've prepared to log, track and plan when to redeem and enjoy the various birthday gifts that I am assured to receive via email.

For the price of registering on the websites of various restaurants, retail stores and spa services venues, I'm rewarded with a host of birthday gifts and offers during the month of August. I've noticed over the years that if I don't redeem the free gifts the offer may not be extended the next year. Oh well... Even with that fact in mind I can say that my email is filled with valuable birthday treasures. Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday to me!!

Wonder what I get as gifts? Items to note are free birthday meals from Rockfish Seafood Grill, Cowboy Chicken, The Keg Steakhouse and a Chamberlains Restaurant of my choice (seafood or steak). If my wellness coach is reading this I must point out that I'm not enamored by the food. Not me!! (wink wink). My favorite gifts are the ones that are NOT food including a free beauty gift from Sephora, $5 off any purchase at DSW and $10 off any Victoria's Secret purchase. There!!

Would you like to get any of these birthday gifts for your special day? If the answer is yes simply go to the websites of those establishments and register for their newsletters and/or birthday clubs. It's free and the gifts will begin pouring in throughout your birthday month.

Interested in watching my log of what gifts are coming in? Click here to see my gift list! Feel free to download it for reference or if you'd like to have a way to also track your mountain of birthday gifts!!

Check back often because I'm updating the gift list as they come in.

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to you!!


06 July 2014

Improve your finances in the next 90 days!

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Improve your finances in the next 90 days!

From my own experiences of teaching and leading personal financial management sessions and working with individuals on money matters, I’ve found the following four items to be true:

11 June 2014

Halftime Checkup - 2014 New Year's Financial Resolutions

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Halftime question: How much have you progressed in reaching your New Year's resolutions? Are you still on track?

Many of us struggle in setting goals and sticking to them until completion. I’m included in this category in some areas of my life. A study conducted by the University of Scranton reveals that only 8% of people that make resolutions or set goals at the first of the year actually reach them. Statistics show that after the second week of January 29% of New Year’s resolutions are prematurely abandoned. I find that I along with many individuals that I speak with clearly have the intentions of sticking to our personal goals but often end up with a story instead of a testimony when we report on our success.

11 April 2014

Get your financial documents organized!

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In order to get our finances together we've got to get the related "stuff" together. This is so important but often overlooked. In our quest to improve our financial lives, take a close look at your everyday operational practices. Simple adjustments can make big improvements!

Get control of the paperwork!

There are statements, receipts, and other artifacts that are a part of a healthy personal financial system. These include bank statements, paycheck stubs, W2‘s, purchase receipts, service invoices, bills, discount coupons and insurance declarations and riders. Without taking the time to properly manage these items they can easily end up in various hiding places that can make it challenging to be timely in getting bills paid and completing IRS income tax filings. It never fails that at the end of every year when the holiday decorations go up and family starts to arrive, I go off my routine of dealing with mail and placing these documents in their designated places. If you currently have a system to store and manage these documents, recommit to operate in this system and take this time to get things back in order. Create new files as needed for additional items that you’ve found should be tracked separately. A test that I use is if I can’t tell someone where to locate a document in less than 3 minutes it needs to have a better and more identifiable home.


A simple system that I use for my active paper documents is to store them in semi-opaque plastic food storage containers with lids. I place a visible label inside these containers to note it’s contents and stack these neatly in my home office closet. The containers are inexpensively sold in multipacks in the kitchen storage section at your favorite department store. I have active boxes for several categories including unpaid bills, paid bills, bank statements, insurance docs, flex spending receipts, dependent care, tax documents, investment statements and coupons/gift certificates. At the end of the year I store the full container of docs in gallon size zip-top bags which I label appropriately. Getting your paper records organized does not have to cost a lot of money!

Don't forget the digital assets!

Review the financial online archive policies and your personal record retention needs.

With each of our financial partners, we have the option to “go green” and eliminate paper. Many of the statements and receipts that you get today can be delivered to you digitally or available online. If you take advantage of paperless for any financial documents that you are required to keep you will need to ensure that you have a method to reproduce these docs at will. This involves knowing how long you should retain the document and compare this to the online and archive retention policy of your financial partner. If you will need to maintain your health care receipts for 7 years for tax audit reasons but but you can only see your pharmacy receipts for 24 months you will need to develop a plan to mitigate this difference. If you store your digital receipts on your computer how will you recover this data if your computer hard-drive dies or your computer is stolen? Make a list of the length of time you are required to maintain key receipts and statements and include on that list how you’re going to make sure that you’re covered. Fill in the gaps of things that are not stored online for long periods of time by downloading them to your computer and ensuring that you’re backing this data up for safe keeping. I find that this is a must for my post-tax monthly online brokerage statements

Let this be a call to action. Successful individuals tend to be organized and deliberate in their actions. That's you and me. Let's GO!! (Get Organized)

Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings...

Proverbs 22:29 NKJV