05 August 2015

It's my birthday month - Here's how you can get gifts!!

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Free birthday gifts for everybody!!

August is a month of great things - including my birthday!

I get free gifts for my birthday. Just by asking, you also can get these same gifts during your birthday month!!

In getting ready for my birthday month, I have a ritual that I perform. For years I've prepared to log, track and plan when to redeem and enjoy the various birthday gifts that I am assured to receive via email.

For the price of registering on the websites of various restaurants, retail stores and spa services venues, I'm rewarded with a host of birthday gifts and offers during the month of August. I've noticed over the years that if I don't redeem the free gifts the offer may not be extended the next year. Oh well... Even with that fact in mind I can say that my email is filled with valuable birthday treasures. Happy Birthday to me!! Happy Birthday to me!!

Wonder what I get as gifts? Items to note are free birthday meals from Rockfish Seafood Grill, Cowboy Chicken, The Keg Steakhouse and a Chamberlains Restaurant of my choice (seafood or steak). If my wellness coach is reading this I must point out that I'm not enamored by the food. Not me!! (wink wink). My favorite gifts are the ones that are NOT food including a free beauty gift from Sephora, $5 off any purchase at DSW and $10 off any Victoria's Secret purchase. There!!

Would you like to get any of these birthday gifts for your special day? If the answer is yes simply go to the websites of those establishments and register for their newsletters and/or birthday clubs. It's free and the gifts will begin pouring in throughout your birthday month.

Interested in watching my log of what gifts are coming in? Click here to see my gift list! Feel free to download it for reference or if you'd like to have a way to also track your mountain of birthday gifts!!

Check back often because I'm updating the gift list as they come in.

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to you!!


07 July 2015

4 Compelling Reasons that you should be stock market savvy.

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Think that understanding the US stock market is out of reach for you? Many of us do. According to an April 2015 poll by Savvyroo.com 65% of Americans were investing in the US stock market in 2007 and that number dropped significantly after the economic downturn that we experienced in that same year. The poll also showed that in April 2015 55% of Americans are investing in the stock market as individual confidence in this investment medium has been steadily increasing.

In the bible book of Matthew, the principle demonstrated in parable of the talents can be applied to our lives today when we look at the concept of using money that we have in our hands to prosper. In this story it was clear that we are expected to increase what we are given by the master. The stock market specifically is not referenced in this parable but I see our financial markets as a method in which I use to generate increase which results in my promotion to be made ruler over many things. You should also see this way! (See Matthew 25:14-30)

Having knowledge of our US stock markets can provide very tangible benefits to everyone – even those that are not actively trading stocks. Here’s 4 compelling reasons that everyone should invest in themselves to become market savvy.

1. Making the most from your retirement funds requires you to know how to invest.

Gone are the days of corporations providing and investing your retirement “seed” money to ensure that those funds make the most returns possible. This was the benefit that we enjoyed when pension plans were the norm for most corporations. In the last 15 years many companies have done away with their pension plans in favor of the employee directed and employee controlled 401k / 403b options for retirement planning. Employees have the freedom and are expected to choose the investment funds within the plans to get maximum returns. If you’re in charge of making investment decisions for your retirement planning, shouldn’t you understand about our financial markets and investing?

2. World events affect world finances. Keep the world in view!

Our US markets are affected by many things outside of our borders. Extreme weather patterns, terrorist awareness and the Greece debt situations have been reasons for past market fluctuations. Because these events will likely be front-page financial news, following financial news and events will give you early opportunities to learn how your money may be affected because of world events and learn strategies to position yourself so that you can capitalize!

3. Benefit from consumer financial knowledge.

Consumer related financial changes such as mortgage rate changes, chip credit and debit cards and our US debt crisis are always front page financial news. Keeping a pulse on items that could affect us as consumers puts us in a position to make personal financial decisions quickly with a high level of confidence. Understanding our financial markets supplies us with the required know-how.

4. Research corporations quickly and easily!

Understanding stocks and how to research them provides you with the skills to deep-dive into the leadership, strategies, financials and forward statements of publically traded companies with a high level of confidence. This is a great skill for preparing for job interviews, sales calls and even sizing up your business competition!

No doubt that becoming market savvy is a personal financial promotion. Without making one stock trade, having stock market trading capabilities can prove to be a worth while investment again and again. Do it today for a better tomorrow!


27 June 2015

Credit and Debit Cards with Chips Are On The Way! - Part 2

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Many Money reVerse readers have received a new debit or credit card that contains an embedded chip. 67% of respondents of my poll in early June 2015 noted that they had received a chip card already. I’m included in this group. By the fall of this year millions of Americans will be carrying these credit and debit cards that have the embedded chip technology.

The key reason for embedding chips in the bank cards is to improve the cardholder security.

Cards that do not have chip technology use a magnetic strip that is swiped when you make a purchase. The key thing about this method is that your credit card number (15 or 16 digits shown on the front of the card) is passed to the merchant and used to authorize / guarantee the payment between the bank and the merchant. Your credit card number is desired by those striving to commit credit card fraud. The 15 or 16 digit card number is key – literally. This number in the hands of the wrong person can be problematic for us as cardholders. These numbers, when stolen, are often used to fraudulently duplicate physical cards, make online purchases and possibly open other fraudulent accounts in your name thus making unsuspecting cardholders victims of identity theft.

Cards with embedded chips, when paired with updated card processing terminals in stores, will initiate processing that will result in a unique authorization code for each particular transaction being generated at the time of the transaction. The most important fact to note is that your credit card number will no longer be used for authorization and it will not be passed along to the merchant for this purpose. This lowers the exposure of your card number thus lowering the possibility of theft.

For this type of authorization to take place, the stores in which you shop will need to upgrade the credit card terminals that are at each Point of Sale station. When this is done, instead of swiping your card to pay for products and services, you will insert it into a machine slot like those at an ATM. You will then receive a confirmation from the machine that the card has been processed and it can be removed. One difference that we will need to note is that the card will need to be left still in the machine for a few seconds for the authorization to be completed unlike the quick swipe that we do today.

All chip cards are being shipped with the magnetic strips on the back like we have today. This allows the chip cards to be used in locations that do not have updated pay terminals. In the fall of 2015 we should start to see many merchants with updated equipment as we walk in armed with our new chip-embedded debit and credit cards. If you have an option to choose to use the chip or the swipe method, use the chip method every time for improved security.

With this processing change, we will need to continue to sign for payments based on the merchant’s guidelines. The added chips are not changing this requirement in this phase of the implementation.

Keep and eye on your mailbox and with your favorite stores to see these planned changes come to reality right before your eyes!

That's a lot to absorb. Got questions? Let me know by asking them by using the comments section here!


24 June 2015

Join Me! Dreampreneur S.O.A.R Mastery Coaching Call on June 30, 2015

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Join me on the June 30th Dreampreneur S.O.A.R. Business Coaching Call


I will be sitting in the guest chair for the June 30th Dreampreneur S.O.A.R Mastery Coaching Call that will be hosted by Possibilities Coach, Shuronda Scott.

As a certified life coach, business consultant, author and motivational speaker, Shuronda helps others recognize possibilities (within) and opportunities (without) for greater success both personally and professionally.

In her weekly business coaching calls, those that join will be able to glean from business leaders and Shuronda, the Dreampreneur S.O.A.R. Mastery Coach, on how to successful start and grow a small business. In my past, I’ve launched and successfully exited two small businesses before establishing Money reVerse. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with others that are engaging in this exciting phase of their careers.

The Dreampreneur S.O.A.R Coaching calls are free and open to the public. You must pre-register to be assigned a spot. Register today for the June 30th session. Hope to hear you there!!


31 May 2015

Money reVerse Personal Finance School Coming Soon!

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Monthly web-based personal finance webinars at a reasonable per-session price!

Online Webinars

Ready to go to personal finance school? Money reVerse online webinars are coming soon! Monthly group teaching and coaching sessions on getting started on improving your financial condition. Topics will focus on the areas of budgeting/spend management, debt reduction, credit score increase, investing, savings legacy planning, current market and so much more! Join these online session from your computer, tablet or Smartphone device! No software downloads required. Sign up for individual topics that interest you! Each session is reasonably priced and will result in expanding your financial knowledge and advancing your financial position! Money reVerse webinars start in August 2015.

Stay tuned for more information and the opportunity to register!!

30 May 2015

Credit and Debit Cards with Chips Are On The Way!

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Throughout 2015 card issuers and merchants are adopting the more secure chip technology for credit and debit cards. This means that many of us will receive new cards with this technology embedded from our banks.

Credit card with chip

Cards with chip technology are easily identified by a small gold rectangular raised emblem that appears on the front left side of the card. This chip is located just above the first four numbers of the card.

These cards, when paired with updated terminals in stores can be used to make purchases more securely as the embedded chip generates a unique code for each payment authorization instead of using the number on the card.

Because of the added technology associated with these cards, they are more difficult to duplicate. Those that choose to fraudulently duplicate cards for profit tend to target the older magnetic strip cards for their card theft activities. Using chip cards in countries outside the US has resulted in lowering the number of fraudulent transactions and stolen cards.

Stay tuned to Money reVerse for more about chip cards and new security regulations that will be in effect in October 2015.

Until then, please take about 10 seconds and respond to a Money reVerse Chip Card poll.

Money reVerse Chip Card Poll


Have you received a new credit or debit card from your bank that has a chip?

Answer Choices:

-Yes, I have received a chip card.

-No, I have not received a chip card.

-I do not carry a debit or credit card.

Click here to provide your answer and see how you compare to other Money reVerse readers!

Thank you for your participation!

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29 May 2015

Class: Associated Hairdressers and Cosmetologists of Missouri

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It was an honor to serve you!!

In mid May, I made a trip to Kansas City, Missouri for the weekend and I was hanging with the Associated Hairdressers and Cosmetologists of Missouri. I mean it when I said that this was such a beautiful group!

I was honored to be contacted by AHCM to develop and propose a financial class to be included in the cosmetology instructur license renewal seminars. My response was a hearty "Let's do it!!"

I developed a class that focused onEmpowering Students for Financial Success. Once accepted, the class was included in the curriculum for the State of Missouri cosmetology license renewal curriculum that was made available for cosmetologists by AHCM.

I taught this class in the AHCM License Renewal education that was held in Kansas City, Missouri on May 17th 2015. In this session I shared about Managing a business instead of nurturing a hobby, Managing personal finances with a variable income stream and trends in consumer payments. The cosmetology instructors that were a part of the class were from all areas of the state of Missouri. Each was so welcoming and very engaged in the class! This did not feel like work at all!!

04 November 2014

Take the Challenge: WISE Magazine CSI - Credit Score Increase!

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Money reVerse partners with WISE Magazine for this nationwide challenge.

Raise your FICO credit score in 2015.
Get ready! Get Set! Get More Credible!!

Stay tuned…

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.
Matthew 5:14

02 November 2014

Join me at CrossRoads Covenant Church on 11/22/2014 for Men's Impact Weekend!

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While everyone else is simply getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, the Soldiers of the Cross - Men of CrossRoads Covenant Church in Desoto Texas will also be deliberately hosting a powerful Men's Impact Weekend!  

08 September 2014

Money reVerse is on Facebook

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Money reVerse is on facebook. Enough said.

It's facebook.com/moneyreverse. If you like me here can you please go and like me there? I'm going to have great stuff there... and I like likes On facebook…

Ok...See you there!! On facebook…

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Money reVerse is on facebook.

Enough said.


04 September 2014

Class offering: 21 Days to Stock Market Investing

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No prior stock market knowledge required!

Want to jump into stock market investing to ride the market all-time highs? This Stock Market Basics group is for you! This is an interactive classroom group session designed for those that are starting to learn about the financial markets and trading. There will be a 2.5 hour group meeting held weekly for 3 weeks. Sessions will be held on Monday evenings from 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM in Plano, Tx. Note: Distance Learning /Online participation is not available for this class.

31 August 2014

Enjoyed being a part of the 2014 Wolfe Project School Reunion!!

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It was such a blessing to be a part of the
2014 Wolfe Project School Reunion in Dallas Texas!

Stay tuned for registration information. Limited spaces per class.

The Wolfe Project School was birthed in 1938 in rural Southeast Arkansas as a segregated school that served needs of African American students in the Desha School district. The school and the community continued to grow and thrive until school was closed in 1967 as a result of integration.

16 July 2014

Financial Authority: Part 1 - No Personal Financial Ignorance

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Blurry Dime

Financial Authority: Part 1 - No Personal Financial Ignorance

Operating in the financial place that is outlined for Christians in the Holy Bible will require that we first put to an end all instances of personal financial ignorance.

No disrespect is intended here. Let’s break it down.

06 July 2014

Claim Your Financial Authority - Series Introduction

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Are you a Christian? Take your rightful financial place!

For those of us that have truly accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, we individually asked for this acceptance and made a commitment to make lifestyle changes to live as instructed to do in the Holy Bible.

Sustaining the level of financial positioning as the bible instructs us to do requires that we operate with financial purpose. How do we do this? The answer starts with the word NO. Walking in financial authority looks like this:

06 July 2014

Improve your finances in the next 90 days!

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Improve your finances in the next 90 days!

From my own experiences of teaching and leading personal financial management sessions and working with individuals on money matters, I’ve found the following four items to be true:

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