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17 October 2016

Free FICO Credit Scores from Discover - Even if you don't have their credit card!

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At the suggestion of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, many major credit card issuers have made FICO scores available to their customers at no charge. This has been a great thing for us as consumers as FICO is still by far the credit score that is most used by lenders.

In May of this year Discover did a new and even better thing. They made free FICO credit scores available to everyone – even those that do not carry a Discover credit card! These free scores are available via This offering helps to create a level playing field for all consumers in the area of access to free FICO credit scores.

To get access to your free FICO score, you can simply setup an account at You will be asked to provide personal information including your social security number while also answering individualized questions that will help in validating your identity. You will then have access to your 3-digit FICO credit score along with helpful information about how your score ranks and FICO score improvement tips.

If you don’t have free access to your FICO credit score through a card issuer, sign-up with today. Answer the call to be above only and not beneath in your finances by being financially aware and financially credible.