26 October 2016

What is your Money Personality?

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Your Money Personality / Money Persona defines your beliefs and behaviors associated with money that strongly influence your approach to handling your personal finances. This is an important topic for each of us as emotional triggers can have a significant influence on our money handling decision making process.

I will detail 9 possible money personalities that could be in play in your head and heart and directly affect your financial life. Biblical financial truths and instructions will also be outlined as a path for Christians to maintain alignment with God’s word in the area of money and possessions. A take-way self-assessment and resource guide will better empower you to make this learning experience one that lasts beyond the 1-hour teaching session.

Octane Leadership Development Conference Speaker

This is one of the classes that I will teach at the 2016 Octane Leadership Development Conference.

I’m joining a team of outstanding leaders and teachers and we’re excited to be your leadership coaching team! Each attendee will receive over 11 hours of rich and relevant leadership training with an emphasis on post-conference implementation. All of this is only $125!

Get registered! Registration closes November 1st!


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  • Jo Williams

    Jo Williams

    26 October 2016 at 12:53 |
    Looking forward to all the great information at the conference!!


    • Carolyn Williams

      Carolyn Williams

      26 October 2016 at 15:37 |
      Looking forward to seeing you there!


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